Join Us April 3 and Learn How to Streamline Process, Reduce Costs & Boost Customer Satisfaction

April 3, 2018  | 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Master Class Workshops are in-depth programs that take an A-Z approach on specific subjects. After attending, you’ll go back to your organization with fresh, actionable ideas and strategies. Workshops are optional for an additional fee, and include boxed lunch and one additional break during the day.

Master Class Workshop: Defining and Optimizing the Customer Experience

Since customer acquisition is much more expensive than retention, the quality and consistency of the experience along the entire customer journey will make or break your retention rate and profitability.

To help you up your game, this workshop will cover every aspect of customer service and the customer experience. This includes: Finding and retaining agents that are true brand ambassadors; the effective use of social channels; the role of technology; and meeting customers across mobile, desktop, chat or phone.

Leading merchant practitioners will share their experiences in the trenches, including best practices for aligning people, processes and technology to consistently delight customers, win loyalty and drive sales.

This Master Class Workshop will cover:

• Making the cross-channel experience as seamless and friction-free as possible
• Recruiting, hiring, training and retention best practices
• Improving communication along the entire customer journey and relationship
• Leveraging social channels to increase engagement, solve issues and create champions
• Using data and analytics to improve the overall CX and drive lifetime value
• Leveraging feedback and VoC to improve processes across departments



Angie Stocklin
Co-Founder & COO
One Click Ventures

Bruce Pullens
Director Customer Service and Strategy & Customer Insights
Lane Bryant

Joe Testa
SVP, Customer Success

Master Class Workshop: Taking Omnichannel to the Next Level

While there are some who would like to see the term “omnichannel” disappear, it remains the best word for capturing the new reality of retail: Shoppers want to have it their way, to paraphrase an old ad, and you have to respond to their heightened expectations.

Yet most retailers still struggle with the execution side of omnichannel, working to change on the fly as they update legacy systems, silos and processes. The difficulty of achieving real-time, cross-channel inventory visibility is a key challenge, leading to fulfillment issues that can negatively impact your business.

This workshop will bring together an expert panel of practitioners in the trenches of omnichannel who will talk frankly about the challenges they’re facing and critically, what they’re doing to solve them. The aim is to help you improve the performance and profitability of your omnichannel operations in a hypercompetitive environment.

This Master Class Workshop will cover:

  • Dealing with the “new normal” – rising customer expectations and the Amazon effect
  • Refining omnichannel strategy to address dynamic changes
  • Addressing what’s fixable now (inventory management, fulfillment)
  • Tactical approaches (ship to store, ship from store, BOPIS, reserve online, curbside pickup, etc.)
  • Best practices in drop shipping to bulk up inventory and reduce risk
  • Working across merchants, brands, providers, carriers
  • A look down the road: conversational commerce, AI, mobile, etc.

Workshop Leader:

Felton Lewis
Senior Director of Strategic Alliances


Jim Brownell
American Freight Furniture



Deanna Kaufman
Manager, Solutions
FedEx Services

David Strobelt
SVP, Chief Information and Supply Chain Officer
Modell’s Sporting Goods

Chadwick Hamby
Senior Director, Ecommerce Operations

Mike Starkey
Vice President, IT Strategy

Steve Norris
Director, Dynamics Solutions Architecture

Hosted by:

Master Class Workshop: The Fundamentals of Operations and Fulfillment

Whether you’re someone who’s just starting out in direct-to-customer operations or you’ve been at it a while, this half-day workshop will go over the basics while also providing a review for experienced total operations management. Strategies and tactics in DTC and omnichannel operations will be covered in depth, giving you practical tools to help you deliver superior call center and fulfillment services as a competitive advantage. This workshop will place an emphasis on real-world examples as well as interaction and engagement with attendees.

The bottom line: You’ll come away with actionable ideas to maximize performance and operational efficiency throughout your front-end and back-end operations. This workshop is a must for anyone responsible for executing DTC or omnichannel fulfillment, from supervisors to executives.

In this Master Class Workshop you will learn:

How to set up and execute your operations organizational plan

  • What delivery service level/speed is right for you and your customers
  • How to make the returns process as clear and simple as possible
  • How to set customer care expectations and measure the results
  • How to establish levels of authority to handle customers more efficiently
  • About different upselling approaches and finding ones that work
  • Best practices in receiving, vendor management, QC and more
  • How to turn your call center into a profit center
  • About how pay for performance can reward your top performers AND reduce costs

Workshop Leader:




Tim Holody
Seta Corp.

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